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骇客邦 #19 掌控


Jethro 在 Releasing Org-roam v2 中的一段话,我觉得说得对极了!
As a side note, always pin your packages! Even the poorest package managers for language ecosystems lets you specify the version of the package you want to install. Package maintainers can publish the breaking changes under a new major release and call it a day, without thinking about whether it will break production deployments, beacuse the responsibilty is on user to use the right version of the package. This infrastructure, while not the default for Emacs, is available, and you should use it! I like straight, but there’s many others like quelpa.
我干脆把自己的 Emacs packages 全部 mirror 到本地,取消 melpa remote repository 配置。 ​
这同样体现在 中的引用——越来越多的人会开始于本地存档音乐。
Rechard Stallman 在 中所表达的 Amazon eBooks 也存在同样的问题,不是吗?
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